Former Gubernatorial Nominee John Stephen

Jim is a rock solid conservative who has the experience and know how to get things done in Concord. Not only does he understand the issues we face today, but he has the conviction and character to say what he means and mean what he says. Best of all, Jim has what it takes to win in November.

- John Stephen -

Bedford Taxpayers Association

The Bedford Taxpayers Association has endorsed Jim Adams for Executive Council District 4.

- BTA Board -

U.S. Senator John E. Sununu

Jim is tough, conservative, and a proven leader. He’s exactly the kind of voice we need in Concord today.

- John E. Sununu -

Chuck Rolocek, Business Owner

Having spent over 35 years owning, managing and operating small businesses, it is very refreshing to see a person like Jim Adams run for Executive Council. Not only does Jim bring a wealth of executive experience to the office, having managed and balanced billion dollar budgets, but he also understands the needs of our state’s small businesses and how we can help them grow and prosper. Jim Adams is a man of unshakable character and the only candidate in this race who has shown to have the character and integrity necessary for the office. Jim will also be an advocate for our state’s taxpayers working to make our government leaner and more efficient. Now more than ever we need a person like Jim Adams in Concord, and I know that on Sept. 9th he has earned my vote.

- Chuck Rolocek -

Rich Ashooh, Business Owner

Jim Adams is the exact type of person we need representing District 4 in Concord. I’ve known Jim for many years now and not only does he have a wealth of executive experience in which he has balanced, managed and found efficiencies in billion dollar budgets, but he also has temperament and attentiveness to listen to constituent needs and work with them in order to find constructive solutions. There is no question that Jim Adams will be getting my vote on Sept. 9th, and I urge my friends, past supporters, colleagues and neighbors to do the same.

- Rich Ashooh -

Earl Rinker, Former 5-Term EC4

Constituent service is one of the most important responsibilities of an Executive Councilor and Jim Adams is the kind of person who will follow-through on resolving his constituents needs. His years of executive service in the US Postal Service, where he worked with billion dollar budgets helping to make them leaner and more efficient, will serve him well on the Executive Council as he works to find ways of making state government more efficient and more cost effective. We know that current expenses in state government are exceeding revenues and a watchful eye on all those state contracts that Councilors have to approve will be most important.

- Earl Rinker -

Sharon Carson, NH Senator

Jim Adams is the only candidate for District 4 Executive Council who has the executive experience, temperament and conservative credentials to be an effective leader for his constituents. As a fellow veteran, Jim also understands the importance and needs of our armed forces community and will be a dedicated ally on their behalf.

- Sharon Carson -

Jack Barnes, Former NH Senator

I’ve known Jim for many years. He’s honest and above board, a hard worker, and really cares about people. This will make him an outstanding member of the Governor’s Council. The Governor should be happy to have him.

- Jack Barnes -

Ray Wieczorek, Former Executive Councilor District 4

Having served on the Executive Council for almost 11 years, I understand the job well. Jim possesses all the skills and experience that will enable him to best serve the citizens of district 4.

- Ray Wieczorek -

Walt Morse, Former Sheriff of Hillsborough County

Jim is a stand up guy who really knows his stuff!

- Walt Morse -