About Jim

James H. Adams, Candidate, Executive Council District 4 for 2018

I believe in sound conservative principles of lower taxes, less government regulation, and personal freedoms, as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, educated in New Hampshire, and except for 4 years in the U.S. Navy from 1968-72 and 9 years’ service in Washington, D.C., I have lived here all my life. My wife, Sandra, and I have 6 children and 10 grandchildren.

I spent 36 years in the U.S. Postal Service, including 6 years as Chief of Staff for three Postmaster Generals. This was during a period of huge cost overruns and eventual revenue shortfalls; we found inflated revenue numbers being used to justify inflated budgets.

In that 6-year period, I was part of the top management team that saved the rate payers $14 billion dollars by issuing a ZERO based budget methodology and did not allow unnecessary spending.

As District Manager of New Hampshire and Vermont, I was responsible for a $1 billion dollar annual budget; 7,000 employees; and served 1.6 million customers. I am a member of the New Hampshire State Veterans Council and the Chairman of Granite State Taxpayers.

The main function of the Executive Council is to be the eyes and ears of the voters on all of the important contracts and appointments that come before the Council. The present District 4 Councilor has voted with the Governor 99% of the time and is considered a rubber stamp. I will push for total transparency and accountability and strive to recognize problems and provide common-sense solutions.

I want New Hampshire to be the business-friendly, good job- producing place to raise a family that it once was. I believe that my resume, work ethic, and positive proven results make me an excellent candidate for Executive Council District 4.

Jim Adams is a retired Postal Executive, and the only person in the 236-year history of the Postal Service to start as a Letter Carrier in Manchester NH and go on to become the Chief Of Staff for three Postmaster Generals. Jim ended his career as the District Manager of NH, Maine, and Vermont.

He is also a past Chairman of the Granite State Taxpayers, is the current Chairman of the Board of the State Veterans Council, and current member of the Pittsfield Selectboard.