Liquor Commission Law Suit Could Cost Millions

Saturday, March 31st, 2018 @ 12:04AM

by Jim Adams

Many people in NH ask what exactly does the Executive Council (EC) do in State Government? This expensive nightmare unfolding regarding the lawsuits brought forward by the unsuccessful bidders regarding the 20 year, $200,000 million liquor warehouse is a prime example of what happens when agencies are given too much power and are able to circumvent the EC. The eventual costs from this issue to the NH Taxpayers could be huge.

That, in conjunction with the fact the AG’s Office contracted an outside law firm to monitor the bidding process for the new liquor warehouse, a job it stated should not exceed $10,000.00, just happens to put it under the threshold of contracts that go before the EC. The first invoice of this outside firm two months later was in the amount of $40,000.00 and should cause all taxpayers to ask how could this happen. At the present moment this just under the threshold of $10,000.00 contract has billed the AG’s Office for $1.1 million.

That is why the State’s Executive Council exists. With first invoice, the AG’s Office should have gone to the Executive Council for approval. Both the AG’s Office and the Liquor Commission seem to be in conflict with the items that should have come before the EC. I hope the upcoming investigation by the Legislature will shed new light on how this costly train wreck was allowed to continue down the track costing the taxpayers millions.

These are the issues the EC needs to be part of to ensure this type waste of the taxpayers’ money does not exist.

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