Opioid Crisis

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 @ 12:20PM

The top priority of State Government today must be to gain control and get the upper hand regarding the present opioid crisis.

I regret making a political issue out of this crisis, but the facts speak for themselves. The Drug Czar had not met with Law Enforcement until the Mayor of the state’s largest city declared a state of emergency. The Executive Council and the Governor should have taken the lead to assist the local authorities to get this crisis under control long before they did. Once again, to play the blame game is not my interest, however, if I am elected to the Executive Council, I will be proactive to issues like this because I will be in constant contact with my constituents and the various local authorities fighting this scourge. I am not a spender, but I will work with anyone to fund programs for treatment and addiction prevention. I feel this issue can be reduced to the level it was prior to the crisis level it now has by assisting the local authorities and keeping a laser focus on all aspects of the problem as well as getting constant updates from the new Drug Czar.

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