Citizens Should Decide Elections

Monday, June 6th, 2016 @ 12:06PM

by Jim Adams

Recently the State Senate took the teeth out of a well-thought out approach to make certain New Hampshire voters decided the outcome of New Hampshire elections. They took this action as the Attorney General’s Office is investigating the thousands of people that completed voter affidavits stating that they were indeed New Hampshire citizens and could vote in the last election. The cards were either returned as undeliverable as addressed or just not returned as instructed by the Secretary of State’s Office.

On July 12, 2013, Union Leader Senior Political Reporter John DiStaso reported that Molly Shaheen, daughter of U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, voted in New Hampshire’s 2012 primary and Presidential elections. As reported by the Union Leader, her Facebook page states she “lives in Los Angeles,” California. She goes on to explain her understanding of domicile and that she is splitting time between New Hampshire and Los Angeles.

That was exactly the concern of the Legislature two years ago when they enacted the Voter ID Law. People not living in this state were voting here. Granite State Taxpayers and other such organizations are conducting their own investigation as to the whereabouts and names of these mystery voters. The Secretary of State Bill Gardner stated the photo with signed affidavits would greatly curb this type of voting illegally. All citizens concerned about their state should contact their Representatives and ask for a status of this alleged Attorney General investigation. Granite State Taxpayers has been informed that the Attorney General’s Office is more focused on investigating murders and crimes than chasing down voters that disappeared after voting. With this type of attitude, there will be no preventing this practice in the future. It is interesting that the Attorney General’s Office has one retired State Trooper attempting to locate those 4,000 plus people. They often hire outside folks to help in other investigations. They should do the same with Voter ID.

It is important that New Hampshire taxpayers and New Hampshire citizens elect the Representatives, State Senators and Governor that will decide the future of New Hampshire. At present, as many as 60,000-70,000 out-of-state voters participate in New Hampshire elections. The out-of-state students should be able to vote, it is there God given right in this great nation. But if the men and women in the Armed Forces are required to request and return an absentee ballot, then I should think the out-of-state students in the New Hampshire institutions of higher learning should be required to do the same thing. That would prevent any further confusion like that of Miss Molly Shaheen regarding domicile.

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